Period of analysis, synthesis and decision-making.

In High School, our focus is on consolidating student autonomy, life protagonism, and academic discipline. We continue to work on personal ethics and intellectual curiosity preparing students to be admitted to Brazilian and foreign universities.
The three years of High School are also regarded as a very valuable time for personal choices and decisions, especially in relation to the professional career. To assist students in this endeavor, the school created the Career & University Counseling Program aiming at helping students in their discoveries and future professional trajectories. The school program provides the students with the opportunity to meet professionals from different areas, to attend university fairs, to hold conversations with coordinators, teachers and mentors, to elaborate personal projects and goals , among other actions, and to give the students the support needed in the construction of their personal life project.

Pedagogical Routine
In High School, the days are divided into 8 50-minute class periods interspersed with two breaks for eating and resting: lunch and one more break.

In High School, students are guided and encouraged to perform at an advanced academic level in English. Our curriculum is made up of academic subjects taught in English, following the Integrated Content and Language Learning approach, so that content and language skills are developed in the subjects taught in English, in accordance with international quality standards.

LIV (Life Intelligence Lab)
During adolescence, the youngsters start making personal and professional decisions that generate a lot of anxiety and, in some cases, mental anguish. LIV aims to help young people understand that they are responsible for their choices; that every choice has consequences, and that even not choosing is also a choice. Thus, students are invited to go through three major reflections during high school: “How am I doing?”, “What moves me?”, “Where am I going?”

We provide support and encouragement for life issues, self-knowledge, perspectives and decision-making