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Why donate?

Since we are a non-profit association, we raise donations to finance, maintain, and extent the student scholarships.

Based on your contribution, we have helped transform more and more young people from different backgrounds into leaders who bring unique perspectives to solve the problems we face today. Leaders educated to change Brazil.

In order to maximize the impact of the Scholarship Program, together with Eleva School, we established a matchfunding: for each student financed by a donor from the Institute, Eleva School will guarantee the education of one more student.

All donations made to Janelas Abertas are directed to our Philanthropic Scholarship Fund, annually audited, and destined exclusively to finance the studies of low-income children and young people.

Other ways to contribute

There are also other ways to support our Scholarship Program, in addition to the financial contribution:

• Birthday celebration: contributions for Janelas Abertas instead of receiving gifts, create an online campaign. Learn more by clicking here.

• Volunteering: offer your time, knowledge and/or services to our students. Learn more by clicking here.

• Nominations: nominate young people for our selection process and/or institutions to be our partners. Send us an email!

• Offering opportunities: in the case of companies, you can offer opportunities for our students or for the Institute. Send us an email!

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