The scholarship selection process for the 2022 school year is now closed.

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The Selection Process

The selection process to be admitted to the Janelas Abertas Institute Scholarship Program is separate from the regular admission process to the Eleva School and involves several steps:

– Online aplication;
– Submission of documentation such as proof of family income, school records, family and candidate letter of introduction and family and candidate letter of recommendation;
– Tests and face-to-face dynamics with candidate and guardians;
– Individual interview;
– Intensive English course offered by Escola Eleva, the Bridge Program.

We seek for young people who share our dream of transforming Brazil with responsibility, kindness, respect, enthusiasm and excellence, welcoming differences, respecting individualities, and promoting collective action.

To select these young people, we based on three criteria:

• Financial need
• Excellence
• Family that values ​​education

We understand excellence as competences in all areas of knowledge and skills: academic, arts, and sports. We believe in the interrelation of three elements: school, family, and student. For this reason, we analyze the engagement of both the family and the candidate towards the given opportunity. We search for engaged and committed families that believe in high quality education as a means to transform their lives. Finally, we do not accept financially sound families in the Scholarship Program of the Eleva School, or any other school of similar quality, to cover school tuition and expenses.

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