At Eleva School, we take inclusion seriously: we believe that all children and youngsters have the right to learn every day in school. For this reason, we are committed to increasingly engage all our students in the learning process regardless of their physical, intellectual, emotional, linguistic, or other conditions by identifying and removing barriers. This is done based on both the principle of equality (equal rights for all) and that of equity (different services for those who learn in different ways).

The inclusion work designed to support students with different learning abilities, such as pace and style, is performed through a special service called Student Support Services. It aims at facilitating students´ development, learning and academic excellence through planning, execution, monitoring, and documentation of the individualized support that the student receives.

To define the lines of work of the SSS, we use the best national and international references in inclusive education. Our methodology includes adaptation and / or modification of the curriculum, adoption of various teaching strategies, and organizational restructuring. In addition, the SSS personnel team up with the teaching staff to increase the student’s permanence rate in the school and his/her academic success.
According to the needs of each student, an Individual Educational Program (PEI) is drawn up and the specific objectives and strategies for each student are pointed out. These strategies aim at presenting the content according to the student’s individual needs as well as assessing the learning of the contents worked on in an array of different ways. The PEI is periodically reviewed to better suit the student’s learning and progression rate.