You cannot change what you feel, but you can learn what to do with your feelings. This is the path we follow and believe in for our socio-emotional education program to help students get to know their feelings and develop life skills.

Our classes promote reflection, debate, listening, research, and questioning with no “correct” or “expected” answers. Based on a structured pedagogical planning, LIV is always concerned with dialoguing and talking the students´ language and addressing their interests through a curriculum developed with the particularities of each age group in mind.

In Kindergarten, teachers use charming children’s stories and music as a starting point in order to encourage children to start recognizing and naming basic feelings and emotions such as fear, joy, sadness, anger and love.

In Lower School, we take another step to go further towards self-knowledge. We understand that students are already able to recognize and name more complex feelings, such as: jealousy, frustration, joyfulness and regret. Therefore, we work on three other important pillars: self-regulation, relationship, and empathy.

In Middle School, our students are going through a phase full of transformations: adolescence. The curriculum for this age group maintains the emotional development of the previous stages and is complemented by six main skills: perseverance, creativity, communication, proactivity, critical thinking, and collaboration. Classes are divided into games, projects, and audiovisual work to engage them further in the development of socio-emotional skills.

When the students get to High School, we help them seek information, reflect, and exchange ideas with the group, rethink their personal and professional choices as part of the of their self-knowledge journey, making the decision process more conscious.

LIV – Life Intelligence Lab – Is our social-emotional development curriculum