Eleva School is a Brazilian bilingual school that supports a global and multicultural vision inside and outside the classrooms. We believe in the importance of the mother tongue for the construction of personal and cultural identity. However, we want to expand the worldview in line with our pillar of Global Citizenship and guarantee the acquisition of the English language at levels of fluency suitable for social communication and excellence in academic performance.

What does it mean for us to be bilingual?
For Eleva School, the definition of bilingualism is linked to the achievement of three major objectives that, in general terms, guide the immersion programs in either one of the languages. They are, academic excellence, literacy, and intercultural competence. Thus, in order to meet these objectives, Eleva School combines several elements. First, curricular elements by adopting international curricula such as IPC and IB which foster international mindedness. Second, exposure of our students to authentic foreign literature. Third, diversity of projects related to Global Citizenship, Creative Tech, and Arts & Expression that bring themes and events that help us introduce cultural elements of an international nature.

How do we develop Bilingualism at Eleva School?
There are different ways to learn a language. At Eleva School we follow a teaching model known as Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). This methodology promotes an immersive environment where our students are exposed to the English language and have the opportunity to get to know, live, and experience the language through classes that integrate linguistic learning objectives with other disciplines learning objectives. Therefore, we like to say that our students learn the language through, by, in, many different contexts.

Communication across languages and cultures is vital for our common good

The goal of Escola Eleva’s enriched education is to maximize our students’ potential as global citizens in the 21st century