Scholarship Process 2021 – Brasília Unit:



Scholarship Process 2021 – Rio de Janeiro Units:

In view of the new reality due to the COVID-19 pandemic and understanding that it is necessary to minimize the health risks to which we are currently subject, as well as to appreciate the sustainability of our Program in the long term, we decided, together with our advisory committee, to postpone until 2022 the entry of new fellows in the Barra and Botafogo units.

To receive information about the 2022 selection process, fill out our contact database.

We believe education is the main tool for transformation in a society marked by inequality and we value diversity, which is one of the foundations of our Global Citizenship pillar. A low-diversity classroom, where students with different perspectives are not represented, limits individual and collective learning.
Our Scholarship Program is an opportunity to serve our country responsibly by offering quality education to talented and determined students.

We look for young people:
1 – whose families cannot afford school tuition;
2 – with exceptional talents in different areas;
3 – who bring more diversity into our school;
4 – who share our dream of transforming Brazil with responsibility, kindness, respect, enthusiasm, and excellence.