Moments of active exploration, involving different areas of knowledge. These are the Clubs in Escola Eleva Botafogo:


Flex – Pixel Art
Media Lab / 45 min / 2nd Grade / 2nd Semester
In the “Pixel Art” flex, second graders will explore illustration through pixel art. They will be presented with the idea of the pixel as a unit, and experiment with it in analog and digital media. Students will be encouraged to use pixel art to express and organize their own ideas, feelings and personal interests, while also being introduced to concepts like narrative, visual composition, color theory and character design. By working with different possibilities and limitations, students will be lead to new and creative outcomes.

Flex – Drawing Over Pictures
Media Lab / 45  min / 3rd Grade / 2nd Semester
This is an illustration class in which students will use pictures as a starting point to create their own drawings. They will exercise storytelling, communication and graphic softwares skills. Students will work individually using the same image reference, then they will look at others work, comparing and discussing different perspectives.

Flex – Pixel Art Animation
Media Lab / 45  min / 4th & 5th Grade / 2nd Semester
Students will learn and practice the Pixel Art illustration technique to create short animations with sound. Focusing on color and design, they will create, draw, describe and animate characters. For the last weeks, students will be divided in two groups of interest: drawing and video editing. The first group will keep generating images while the second group edits a video gathering all material and adding sound to it.

Elective – YouTube
Media Lab / 90 min / 6th & 7th Grade / 2nd Semester
In the “Youtube” Elective, students will learn all about the process of audiovisual production in a fun and straightforward way. They will work in each step through a project-based learning approach, discovering how to create a media that they are used to watch.
In this elective, students will:
– Learn the basics about audiovisual production process
– Get used to DSLR Cameras and Editing softwares
– Exercise soft skills, especially teamwork

Elective – Media 101
Media Lab / 90 min / 8th & 9th Grade / 2nd Semester
The “Media 101” is an elective in which students will be introduced to concepts and tools related to media while expanding their visual repertoire.
This class will follow a Project-Based Learning methodology, in which knowledge and skills will be acquired by working to solve authentic problems.
During the semester, students will be given challenges and will work on personal projects to create videos, posters, animations, and illustrations.

In this elective, students will:
– Apply tools, techniques and softwares to create media projects
– Investigate new ways to self-express
– Develop a design literacy and a visual repertoire
– Develop a problem solving mindset

Club – Photoshop Challenges
Media Lab / 45 min / 6th & 7th Grade / 2nd Semester
In this club students will learn how to use the Photoshop Software. They will work on fun challenges in which they will combine different images. They will exercise basic design concepts such as color, composition and narrative, getting to be creative and learning new ways to self-express.
In this club, students will:
– Analyze and select media content
– Develop a design literacy and a visual repertoire
– Learn techniques of image manipulation
– Get used with design softwares

Club – Remix Everything!
Media Lab / 45 min / 8th Grade / 2nd Semester
At “Remix Everything” club, students will exercise meaningful appropriation of media, such as video, photography, illustration, and music, and use it as raw material to create new content, reframing the original narratives to produce fresh and creative perspectives.
The classes will be divided into “toolbox moments”, focused in developing useful skills to manipulate and create content, “inspirational moments”, planned to expand media repertoire, and “project moments”, in which students will engage in developing free and/or proposed projects.
In this club, students will:
– Analyze and select media content
– Investigate new ways to self-express
– Develop a design literacy and a visual repertoire
– Apply tools and techniques to create media projects

Club – Making Meaningful Media
Media Lab / 45 min / 09th & 10th Grade / 1st & 2nd Semesters
In this club students will create digital media to express emotions and ideas. As a group, we will discuss themes and look at specific techniques for each topic. Then, each student will respond to the debates by creating a visual product that should be both technically and conceptually sound.

Elective – Visual Narrative
Media Lab / 90 min / 10th & 11th Grade / 2nd Semester
The elective will provide students with knowledge, references and tools to tell appealing stories through visual media, focusing on sequential narrative and animation. It is suitable for students with or without experience in visual storytelling  that are thinking about following any creative career: visual arts, graphic design, fashion, movies, etc.
Students are expected to adapt the methodology proposed in class to their own projects and individual needs. They will develop the ability to present their work and their creative process in group discussions. Mutual feedback will be encouraged.

Club – Let’s Animate
Media Lab / 45 min / 11th Grade / 1st & 2nd Semesters
The club is a hands-on introduction to visual narrative and animation in which students will experiment with ways to tell a story through visual media. They will learn how animated images are made and get an overview of techniques and genres. The content is presented through hands-on workshops that might evolve to animation, illustration and comics projects. Throughout the semester, students are always encouraged to cultivate an independent creative process and will be mentored individually according to their development.