Eleva is a rigorous school, with strong teaching, focus and discipline. Knowledge is contextualized and integrated, so students can connect what they learn to what they live. Our young people should be able to think logically and statistically, differentiating causality from superstition or correlation. Deepening concepts enables students to go beyond the obvious in order to form authentic and original positions. These thoughtful thinkers will make excellent candidates to the best national and international universities. Eleva students learn to enjoy studying.



It is clear that in the modern world having academic knowledge alone is not enough to succeed  in life. It requires much more. Communication skills, self-knowledge and collaboration are fundamental to personal and professional success. For this reason, we have developed a pillar that specifically addresses the social and emotional skills that impact students’ lives and the school environment.



Being global means understanding the world and its complexities. Citizenship requires us to recognize ourselves and others as agents of change, to value diversity and to aim for responsible behavior.

Identity and Diversity, Ethics and Justice, Health and Education, Environment and Sustainability are guiding themes in all areas of study at Escola Eleva and are guaranteed by our pillar of global citizenship.

Our three pillars: Academic Excellence, Life Intelligence and Global Citizenship