Escola Eleva Botafogo is located at a  traditional address in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Our inspiring house is a century-old construction we are proud to preserve and inhabit. We have the privilege to be in a building listed by historical heritage whose history has always been intertwined with education. It has been home to orphanages, schools and art-education ventures.

When Escola Eleva started occupying the building, the challenge was adaptation. Each space had its history and should accommodate our modern education proposal.

We kept the architectural details, the beauty, and grandiosity of the house, giving them one more quality: the Eleva way of thinking of the world.

Here, all spaces are for learning, not only the classrooms.

We believe in teaching beyond physical barriers. That is why the open spaces have a broad presence of nature’s green, besides versatility and functionality. The school has a lot of Brazilian elements, from the architecture to the materials used in the construction.

Main Library

It is a cozy, inviting space. The Library is essential in the formation of our global Brazilian citizens. It was specially planned to be a space for cohabiting. There are bleachers, a central table equipped for research and a rich collection of books, movies, and other materials.

The Library is part of the students’ day-to-day. In the early years, they have classes with storytelling, and learn about book cataloging and organization.

Not like traditional libraries, this is a multifunctional space with areas for meetings and debates.


It is the space where students learn to solve problems through prototyping, using programming, robotics, and design to develop their social-emotional skills throughout the process.

Makerspace’s architecture aims for versatility and multidimensional learning – all the elements have open designs, meaning the furniture can be adapted to different types of classes.

The activities carried out in this space are always in a group, with collaborative work and pieces of equipment that demand creativity while opening possibilities to prototyping.


Escola Eleva’s labs are designed so that space and equipment are completely integrated into the classes, which are based on the “active learning” principle.

This principle recognizes the lab as more than a classroom: it is an agent in the learning process. There in, students handle experience and theory in an integrated way in Natural Sciences, Chemistry, Biology and Physics classes.

With equipment that allows for a great volume and variety of experiments, every lab in Escola Eleva also promotes the development of projects more robust and advanced than the ones in the curriculum.

Music Rooms

Music Rooms are the origin of the sounds that inhabit the school. Comfortable and broad, they have a variety of musical instruments and equipment appropriate to each age group. Separate from the busiest areas, music rooms are spacious and quiet so we can hear every timbre in its fullness.

They are always open to students, and instruments can be taken anywhere in school for practice or leisure. The rooms also have a complete multimedia structure and discrete thought spacious deposits.

Visual Arts Studio

It is a space that encourages the individual creative process. Students are stimulated to create in an autonomous manner, choosing the materials, techniques, and procedures most adequate to their project. Following the “Teaching for Artistic Behavior” method, the classroom is divided into “centers”– work tables located close to each technique’s specific material. Centers like Painting, Drawing, Fiber Arts, Printmaking and Architecture/3D work together to promote an artistic practice that respects each student’s interests and time.


Since Escola Eleva’s entire architecture is designed to serve the needs of each stage of students’ lives, Kindergarten areas are  exclusive or used only by them.

Exclusive cafeteria

Our cafeteria is broad and, besides offering students their daily meals, has a snack bar filled with healthy foods and snacks selected by our Nutrition Team.

Kindergarten students have a separate cafeteria, specially dedicated to them so they can go around freely and safely.

Mini Maker

Here, experimentation is welcome! The projects that take place in this space are carried out with a variety of materials, either natural or recycled, stimulating group work and the development of children’s imagination.

Discovery Room

This space proposes an immersion in games that stimulate creativity and symbolic playing. Stages, costumes, blocks made out of various different materials especially to stimulate the senses, among other devices, unleash children’s imagination. They have the time to build castles and bridges, create characters, makeup relationships with friends and with the space.

Early Years Library

Much like our main Library, the Early Years Library is comfortable and carries in its shelves and floor pillows a constant invitation to fall in love with reading.

It is part of the school’s day-to-day, and it is always open to cozy cohabitation in the formation of readers.


Playgrounds are open spaces in the school where students become exposed to stimuli that promote their physical and emotional development. They are composed of toys that are aligned with the school’s architectural principles – reflecting the Brazilian culture and biome – and with the spaces’ pedagogical principles.

Here, all spaces are for learning, not only the classrooms.