PTA – Parent-Teacher Association

What is the PTA?

The Escola Eleva PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) is a nonprofit association of students’ guardians, with the goal of working to promote Escola Eleva’s values, mission and pillars.

Escola Eleva Botafogo’s PTA Mission

Escola Eleva Botafogo’s Parent-Teacher Association has the mission of being the bridge between school and community, giving voice to all, in a democratic environment, organized and guided by Escola Eleva’s pillars of Academic Excellence, Life Intelligence and Global Citizenship, aiming at an innovative and quality education for our children.

PTA’s Actions

The PTA carries out citizenship initiatives , such as donation campaigns and lectures with specialists. They are collective, focused on the school community, and focused on Escola Eleva’s pillars.

The PTA is establishing its legal bases and drafting its Statute to establish the foundations of the Association.

Escola Eleva Botafogo’s PTA Structure

We are structured as follows:

President | Vice President | Treasurer | Contact Us | Board (three Advisors)

The PTA is also composed of three Committees based on the pillars for advisement of the Council. They are:

  • – Academic Excellence
  • – Life Intelligence
  • – Global Citizenship.

PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) is a nonprofit association of students’ guardians.

PTA’s initiatives are collective and focused on the school community.