We count on a strong project-based learning program developed throughout students’ day.

These classes follow a methodology created by Australian Educator David Marsh.  It is called CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and seeks to integrate content to language teaching, as well as to promote critical analysis and decision-making development.

In Kindergarten and Elementary School, we adopt the IPC (International Primary Curriculum), a project-based curriculum.


Escola Eleva has adopted IPC in the elementary school. This complete interdisciplinary program is used in more than 90 countries and 1800 schools throughout the world, also adopted by grade levels in Elementary School in Eleva. IPC focuses on both personal and academic abilities, besides providing an international perspective.
IPC classes are organized in eight to ten week units structured around  a common theme. The thought-provoking themes are relevant and stimulating to inspire student curiosity.
This methodology allows for  broader autonomy for the teacher to relate different fields of knowledge, adopting the best practices throughout the course. An extensive community of teachers around the world actively share materials and resources, such as links, videos and class plannings, promoting continuous enhancement of this curriculum.

Besides the Brazilian curriculum we count on a strong international program