Pedagogical Team
Maria Carmem Badaró

Carminha is one of the founders of Espaço Os Batutinhas de Educação Infantil, an innovative school in Rio de Janeiro that has been a success for over 25 years. She worked very closely as one of the consultants for the creation of the Early Childhood Education curriculum at Escola Eleva. Carminha has extensive knowledge of the most modern education in the world, great ability to manage teams, high sensitivity to receive families and an absolute passion for education.

Isabella Sá
Pedagogical Director of Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education

Isabella graduated in Psychology in Brazil, specialized in Child Development at The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, London, and Master of Guidance and Educational Counseling In A Systematic Approach, from Long Island University, New York. A psycho-pedagogue with training in School Management, Isabella believes in the continuous formation of educators and is currently deepening her studies in Neuroscience and the Bilingual Brain.

Karen Mattos
Teaching and Learning Director
Maira Timbó
Teaching and Learning Coordinator

Graduated in Portuguese and Master in Critical Applied Linguistics at PUC-Rio, with 25 years of experience in Brazilian schools and language courses as an English teacher and supervisor, in 2017, Maíra took part in the Founding Team of Escola Eleva Botafogo as a teacher and, in 2019, as a leader of Escola Eleva Barra, as the Teaching & Learning Coordinator. A teacher in constant training, her studies focus on teacher training, bilingualism, curriculum, and teaching and learning methodologies. Maíra participated in leadership training for schools at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and, at the moment, is taking a MBA in School Management at USP.

Cristiane Sanches
Coordinator of Information Technology and Education

Cristiane is a Data Processing Technology Graduate and a Master in Information Technology from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. She worked as coordinator of IT projects in the NGO Sociedade Digital, and as technical-pedagogical coordinator of the NAVE-RJ digital games programming course.


Clara holds a degree in Pedagogy from PUC-Rio, a master’s in Education from Lesley College (USA), and a doctor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Special Needs and Gifted Education from Columbia University (USA). She has extensive experience in classrooms and in the coordination of international schools and educational projects, such as the American School in Rio de Janeiro and the Estrela Dalva Program of the LECCA Institute.

Bruna Donida
Preschool Coordinator

With a degree in education from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, a degree in psychopedagogy from CEPERJ, and training in the Pikler-Loczy method in Paris, Bruna has amassed considerable experience in family assistance, school operational management, and teacher leadership. She worked at the early childhood education space Os Batutinhas for 20 years and is now heading the early childhood education team at Escola Eleva.

Patricia Tepedino
Preschool Family Support Coordinator

An undergraduate in psychopedagogy at Instituto Pró Saber-RJ and a specialist in family assistance, Patricia has been with Escola Eleva Botafogo since it opened its doors, in 2016, in the Pedagogy and Administration department. Since the first child enrolled at Escola Eleva, Patricia has engaged with the families who seek out our school in the hope of a new kind of education of excellence. She brings to our new unit a proven record of accomplishment in personalized care and the formation of a competent team and a school community that embodies our values. Passionate about education, she could just as easily give lessons in Negotiation to the high school students or Yoga to the kindergarten kids.

Priscila Canteri
Elementary School PEDAGOGICAL Coordinator

With a degree in education from Mackenzie, São Paulo, Priscila is a specialist in the management and development of teachers. For the last sixteen years, she has worked as a teacher and education coordinator at several schools, including Os Batutinhas, Escola Eleva, and Santi (São Paulo). Her continuing education includes courses in the neurosciences, reading development, training of literacy educators, and project-based learning. A great exponent of our literacy methodology and a specialist in each childhood and elementary curricula, Priscila is also involved in integrating Brazilian culture into Escola Eleva’s international curriculum.

Luciana Ribeiro
Elementary School Family Support Coordinator

Luciana is a Psychologist who graduated from PUC-Rio in 1990, working in private practice since then. She holds a postgraduate degree in Clinical Psychology from PUC-Rio and has trained in Psychopedagogy at Ceperj, in 2001.
In December 2018, she started working at Escola Eleva Barra as a school psychologist. In such a position, she supervised all Student Support Program cases and the necessary mediations. She assists children and their families with psychological and behavioral issues, in addition to providing psychological assistance to the staff at Escola Eleva Barra whenever necessary. In 2019, she organized the Eleva Talks and participated in the creation of Escola Eleva Barra’s PTA.

Caio Simas
Middle School PEDAGOGICAL Coordinator

Graduated in Geography at UFRJ, with a master’s degree in International Political Economy and a doctor’s degree in Geography Teaching in Schools, Caio has been training as a father since March 2019.
As part of the founding team of Escola Eleva, he taught geography for elementary school and high school, in addition to leading the Human Sciences department for more than two years.
His principles are the affection for the students and the rigor in the communication.

Jessica D’Escoffier
Middle School Family Support Coordinator

A Psychologist graduated from PUC-Rio and Neuropsychologist from IBMR, Jessica is currently studying Psychopedagogy at AVM. She took courses in Inclusive Education, Neuroscience, Disorder and Education; Psychodiagnostics and Autism. She worked in several areas with children and adolescents, such as Creche Casa da Criança, Hospital dos Servidores, in the pediatric hematology sector and in the NGO Emplacando Vidas, with the insertion of adolescents who lived in situations of social vulnerability or fulfilling socioeducational measures in the labor market. She worked at Escola Nova as a mediator and as an inclusion supervision assistant. She started her work at Escola Eleva in 2018, in the Psychology team, as a mediator.