The Three Pillars of Eleva

Academic Excellence

Eleva is a school with strong teaching, that requires focus and discipline. Our work is done in-context and integrated, so that the student can connect and live what he or she studies. Our students should be able to rationalize using logic, know how to think, understand and generate statistics. This deep and wide learning makes possible, among other things, entrance into top national and overseas universities. Our students learn to love learning.

Life Intelligence

It is clear that in the modern world, having solely academic knowledge is not in itself sufficient to find success in life. It requires much more. Knowing how to communicate well, having self-knowledge and working in groups are factors that are fundamental to personal and professional success of a student. In this context, we have developed a pillar that specifically addresses the socioemotional skills that impact students' lives and the school environment.

Global Citizenship

Being global means understanding the world and its complexities. Citizenship requires us to recognize ourselves and others as agents of change, to value diversity and to aim for responsible behavior.

Identity and Diversity, Ethics and Justice, Health and Education, Environment and Sustainability are guiding themes in all areas of study at Escola Eleva and are guaranteed by our pillar of global citizenship.