“Bilingual education is the only way to educate children in the 21st century”

Ofelia Garcia, Ph.D. Program in Urban Education and author of Bilingual Education in the 21st Century: A Global Perspective

Our school offers a bilingual education in Portuguese and English. This requires more than simply having English classes. It necessary to create an environment in which both languages are given equal importance, although with different functions. The majority of our teaching staff is fluent in both languages (and some in additional languages as well). Some are native English speakers, others became bilingual, with a multicultural vision and an understanding and respect for the process of additional language acquisition.  

Our methodology aims to develop a solid base in academic Portuguese and offer classes of English as well as in English. We dedicate five periods per week to English classes in all grade levels, with a focus on conversation, reading and writing.

In addition, we have a significant number of classes that are taught in English, including disciplines such as Music, Drama, Physical Education, Global Citizenship and Programming.

At Eleva, we also value the opportunity for students to have contact with peers at other local and international schools so that they can interact in both languages, with specific purposes as goals. Music festivals, theater performances, sports competitions, debates about global and multicultural issues are among the events in which Eleva students will participate in their linguistic and cultural development.