Visual Arts, Music and Theater

The pedagogical project at Eleva includes three artistic disciplines: Visual Arts, Music and Drama. We see the Arts as a means for students to learn to connect dots and experience the world that surrounds them; they allow for alternative channels of expression of feelings and thoughts, expanding an individual’s sensitivity and allowing contemplation of his or her place in society. The Arts afford an opportunity to develop social, emotional and affective skills with a curricular structure that complements the Life Intelligence Lab and Global Citizenship courses.


The Visual Arts curriculum is integrated with the content areas, themes and stages of learning of the students at each grade level. Elaborated in conjunction with the Camará Collective, which leads the Arts Education program at Casa Daros, we aim to deepen and broaden the study and use of classical artistic languages, such as drawing, painting, sculpture and photography–exploring their constant reinvention, appreciating the specificity of each and expanding their boundaries.


The Drama curriculum aims to broaden students’ spectrum of expression, helping to build communication skills via body, voice and movement. We explore students’ ability to design and create theatrical pieces with the purpose of cultivating self-awareness and empathy vis-a-vis the characters that they manifest in their works. Other important aspects that we develop are verbal articulation, pronunciation, intonation and clarity, building a framework by which each individual can learn to masterfully operate the tools of communication, knowing how to use them to his or her favor, adjusting content and form according to different situations and audiences.


At Escola Eleva, music is understood to be an artistic and communicative form of expression that is valuable in and of itself, in addition to contributing to the individual and social development of students. Our musical instruction has the objective of capacitating individuals to produce music of many styles and to bring musicality to peers, families and communities. Furthermore, we host cultural activities and visiting musicians and prepare semesterly performances, which are determined and defined with the input of students themselves. Our curriculum aims not only to develop musical technique but also expressiveness, body language, creativity and sensitivity — fundamental factors in the development and learning of all areas of knowledge.