Global Citizenship

Citizenship at Eleva is not merely an abstract discussion about the world’s biggest problems; it’s an awareness of how each of us can change, as individuals, in order to build the society that we desire.

Identity and Diversity, Ethics and Justice, Health and Education, Environment and Sustainability are guiding themes in all areas of study at Escola Eleva and are guaranteed by our pillar of global citizenship.

How does this play out in practice?

Global Citizenship Classes
From grades 1 through 11, we have classes dedicated to Global Citizenship. The objective is to prepare students to understand the world so that they are able to navigate and respect it. Guided by our Global Citizenship strands, the project-based classes stimulate the practice of citizenship through discussion and student-centered activities.



Some project examples:

Identity and diversity

“Which country is more different than yours?”

The goal is that children find differences among countries and that they learn that being different can be enriching and good.

Environment and Sustainability

“What is your ecological catch?”

We will talk to local fishermen to understand what happened in Guanabara Bay the last decades. Why on our city flag there are dolphins, for example? In which way this is important for Rio’s population?