Games and Programming

The ability to break down complex problems into their component parts is and always will be useful in our students’ lives. At Escola Eleva, we develop analytical thinking, beginning with educational games, which later give way to programming classes.

These classes help develop programming skills, teaching students to define, structure and solve problems with a logical-deductive approach.

During the initial years, this is achieved through games, especially board games, which confront children with analytical problems in a playful context. Much more than learning to master an individual game, the greater challenge is to spark interest and pleasure in the act of problem-solving.

At the intermediate level, the focus turns to programming classes. Following the trend set by the best schools in the world, inserting students into this world allows them to develop an interactive approach to problem-solving and to test their creative ideas.

In the final years, students have the opportunity to deepen their analytical reasoning through the Science and Technology electives. Studying programming in primary school can evolve, for example, into a Robotics or Computer Science elective further down the road.