Students go beyond traditional curricula.

We offer students, from 9th grade onward, a collection of optional disciplines, with the objective of allowing students to explore and better understand different areas of knowledge and to have impactful life experiences.

Students can select two electives per semester. These classes are not limited by grade level, which encourages exchange and interaction among students of different ages and class groups. The table below illustrates a sampling of the elective courses that are available to 9th-12th grade students, some of which are held in English and others in Portuguese

Entrepreneurship and Business

  • Negotiation
  • Psicology
  • Intro to Finance

Society and Culture

  • Law
  • Brazilian Culture
  • Wellness

Creativity and Communication

  • Public Speaking
  • Design Thinking
  • Creative Writing
  • Languages/Spanish

Science and Technology

  • Robotics
  • Computer Science
  • Genetics