Our pedagogical proposal, designed by an experienced, multidisciplinary team is based on both Brazilian and international studies in the field of education. For the development of the process of literacy, we draw on the socio-interaction theory of Leo Vygotsky, as well as from studies by Jean Piaget, Emilia Ferreiro, Ana Teberosky, Delia Lerner and Telma Vaz. We aim to stimulate the child to simultaneously appropriate knowledge of the alphabet system and the conventions of literary and cultural norms.

To complement the above, we look to studies done by researchers of bilingualism and biliteracy, such as Ofelia García, Colin Baker, Roy Lister and Kathy Escamilla. For the more advanced grade levels, we follow the principles of the Base Nacional Comum Curricular, adapting them to and harmonizing them with the standards of international curricular programs such as the IB (International Baccalaureate) program, which Escola Eleva is working to implement beginning in 2019.

We define the curriculum of each grade level according to stage of development and socioemotional characteristic of students. We aim to balance subjects focused on cognitive development with others that enrich artistic abilities, as well as physical adroitness and sportsmanship.

At our school, students are motivated to create, innovate, work in groups, design and lead projects. They live a philosophy of discipline that stimulates dedication and the capacity for execution, receiving recognition not only for high marks, but also for the effort undertaken.