Through their P.E. classes, students will have the opportunity to learn about the innumerable physical activities available to them as part of developing an active lifestyle and a love for sport.

Beginning in primary school, the focus in on the individual–making sure each student can play and get in motion.

Respect, cooperation, teamwork, tolerance, triumphs, frustrations, competition and ethics are inherent aspects of the P.E. program, which are rich with opportunities to experiment, discuss and practice.

Through games, competition and through theoretical debate, P.E. provides a forum for development of autonomy, critical thinking, valuing diversity and overcoming challenges: knowing how to win both individually and as part of a team, dealing with defeat, respecting the rules of the game, accepting differences, discussing the role of ethic in sport.

In the P.E. curriculum, we combine a variety of classical sports, like volleybal and futsal, with practices of yoga and dance.

These practices, much like our team sports matches against teams from other schools, aim to promote a sense of community at school, strengthening ties and building camaraderie among athletes.

Finally, there are also extracurricular sports that students may opt to partake in.