The Advisory program at Escola Eleva aims to ensure more individualized and personalized attention to students concerns and needs.

Our focus is on a holistic learning process, which involves addressing not only academic development but also providing social and emotional support.

In this program, we provide moments for students to work in small groups and/or individually on activities that challenge them to get in contact with their emotions and understand their learning styles, mediated by an adult mentor – generally a teacher or someone on the pedagogical team, who conducts this process of knowledge and information exchange.

In this way, we believe that students will be better equipped to identify the challenges they face, balancing more adeptly their needs and opportunities.

In the primary school, the mentorship process will take place in their weekly Life Intelligence Lab modules.

In the middle school and high school, teachers will mentor the small advisory groups, in addition to the Life Intelligence Lab classes that continue through the middle years.