Our Team

Nosso Time Pedagógico

Eloisa Galesso
Pedagogical Coordinator | Brazilian Curriculum
From São Paulo, Eloisa graduated from USP, has vast teaching and administrative experience in public schools, pre-vestibular prep courses and international schools. She is specialized in Bilingual Education, along with her deep appreciation for the Portuguese language and Brazilian Culture. She believes in the transformative power of Education. Being in Rio has allowed her to explore one of her passions: MPB, and above all, Bossa Nova. She plans to live a healthier life away from the gray and drizzle of her native city, promising to walk, every day, along the promenade of Copacabana.
Isis Aquino
Pedagogical Coordinator | International Curriculum
With an MA in Multidisciplinary Studies from the University of Buffalo, in New York, this gaúcha also has a postgraduate certificates in Education Management from PUCRS and in the Teaching of Portuguese Language and Grammar from UFRGS. She has worked in formal and informal educational environments as a teacher of English, Portuguese and Literature. During the last six years, she was responsible for supervision of teachers and for the development of the national curriculum at the American School of Porto Alegre. She’s a fan of Nina Simone, The Rolling Stones, Mia Couto and Simone de Beauvoir. With an impressive charisma and contagious energy, Isis believes in capacitating all children to learn and grow.
Tatiana Levy
Pedagogical Coordinator | Primary Education
Teacher, pedagogue, specialist in early childhood education with a degree from PUC-RJ and an MA in education from Framingham State University. Tatiana worked for 20 years in public and private schools in Rio de Janeiro, especially in the OLM international schools, EARL and the British School. She was the leader of educational management at the MIAN/Museum of Art Naïf for the five years prior to joining the Escola Eleva team, where she implemented the Museum-School project and the first program for sensorial visits for the 0-3-year-old public. Tatiana takes delight in guiding her students through the process of literacy. She also adores spending quality time with her husband and daughters, dancing ballet, reading, visiting museums and playing with her three dogs and two cats.
Caio Lo Bianco
Coordinator of LIV - Life Intelligence Lab and Social Projects
Caio studied economics at FGV-Rio with a grant from Fundação Estudar, art-education at the institute Pró Saber and is finishing a degree in pedagogy. He is the coordinator of the Life Intelligence Lab and Social Projects and also a pedagogical consultant for the Eleva Education Platform. Caio began his career in education at the Construindo o Saber project as a coordinator and teacher, preparing primarily low-income students for exams and competitions. Caio is also a math and arts education teacher for students of grades 1 and 2.
Corey Hill Watlington
Coordinator of Integration
Corey studied Political Science and Philosophy at Boston College and completed an MA in Education at Northwestern University. A North Carolina native, Corey has joined our team to integrate the school’s activities and partnerships with our academic curriculum and core values--from extracurricular sports to special library projects. Corey is a true global citizen, having lived on all five continents. He has already had a teaching career of more than 16 years, having worked at schools such as the American School of Mumbai, the American International School of Dhaka and the Graded School in São Paulo, where he spent six years.
Cristiane Sanchez
Coordinator of IT and Ed-Tech
Cris comes to us with a degree in Data Processing and an MA in Informatics from UFRJ, in addition to an MBA in e-business from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation. She has served as coordinator of IT projects for the NGO Sociedade Digital (SOCID), for which she installed telecenters in at-risk communities, an experience which awakened her passion for working in education. She worked for three years at the C.E.S.A.R. (Centro de Estudos e Sistemas Avançados do Recife) as technical-pedagogical coordinator of the digital games programming course of NAVE-RJ. She goes by Cris and her son, Rennan, is her greatest inspiration. She has studied classical dance, has recently taken up meditation and loves to travel. Her areas of interest include innovation, technology and education.
Evaldo Palatinsky
Pedagogical Coordinator of Middle School and High School
Evaldo studied Philosophy (Unioeste-PR), Theology (São Bento) and Journalism (UFRJ). He has postgraduate degrees in Philosophy (PUC-RJ) and Pedagogy (UCAM) and an MBA in Business Management (FGV). As an educator, he brings more than 25 years of experience teaching middle and high school, mainly as a Philosophy teacher and as a pedagogical coordinator. He has worked at the Colégio Marista São José, Sacré-Coeur de Marie, and spent 16 years at Santo Agostinho in Leblon. As a journalist, he covered World Cups in Germany, South Africa and Brazil for CBN. Evaldo is passionate about the following: education, sports, communication, and above all, his cherished wife of nearly 20 years and daughters, Thais and Carolina. Not necessarily in that order. In his heart, his family always comes first.

Nosso Time Administrativo

Lais Fontenelle
Lais has an MA in Psychology from PUC-Rio. She’s mom to Clarice, 4, and a lover a literature, cinema and the sea. Author of the book Vestidos para lembrar e uma historia para contar and of a monthly column about childhood on the Portal Outras Palavras. She worked in early childhood education for many years in both Rio and São Paulo. She spent the last decade in NGOs, working on topics related to children’s rights, consumption, the media and sustainability, having coordinated Projeto Criança e Consumo at the Alana Institute, which brought the issue of child-targeted advertising into the national conversation. She joined the Eleva team as psychologist, but also brings much more. Lais came to create connections and transform the way the school community communicates, in addition to bringing skills related to contemporary trends in education.
Patricia Tepedino
Admission and Management
Patricia has a law degree from PUC-Rio and an MA in International Law from Université Paris II - Panthéon-Assas. She worked for many years in law offices, such as Mattos Filho, until finding the courage to leave it behind to follow her true passion, education. On a daily basis, she and her team warmly receive our students and their families. She loves to read, go to the cinema, travel, go cycling around the city and couldn’t live without her daily yoga and meditation practice.
Mariana Bokel
Marketing and Communication
With a BA in Psychology from Boston University and a postgraduate degree in Communications from ESPM-RJ, Mariana brings more than 10 years of experience in marketing, branding and digital content at companies such as Farm, Osklen and Inbrands. She is a true global Brazilian citizen, having lived in New York and Boston for 20 years before returning to Brazil to begin her professional career. Mom to Lara and Benjamin, she dedicates part of her free time to Associação Saúde Criança, in addition to her morning jogs around the Freitas Lagoon. Her favorite place, however, is at the dining table with friends and family.