About Us

Letter from the Director:

I am honored to lead the Escola Eleva team through this project that I believe will mark the beginning of a paradigm shift in Brazilian education: a shift towards academic excellence in all teaching spheres, with a focus on the development of ethical citizens, engaged in contributing to improve the world. In my more than 25 years of experience in education, I have learned that for a school to be successful, it is essential to promote a sense of community in which parents and guardians, students and the school faculty and staff work together to develop each individual’s maximum potential. A 21st-century school is forged in a collaborative community, with collective knowledge-building and a focus on the individual.

My hope is that we, together, will build the school of our dreams.

With warm regards,

Amaral Cunha

We are Eleva.
Our windows are wide open to the world.

We are a Brazilian bilingual school. Here, we speak Portuguese and English fluently, from primary school through high school. Our curriculum is broad, rigorous and maintains a keen awareness of the community that surrounds us. We follow a full-day schedule in pursuit of a program that combines academic excellence, development of life skills and a holistic understanding of the world beyond.


Residents of Rio already know our home.
Over 100 years old, our building is part of the city’s historical landscape. It is grand, with towering imperial palms–a jewel of our artistic and historical patrimony.
In the past, it has been home to an orphanage, various schools and a contemporary art museum. Now it belongs to us.
We will inhabit and preserve it.
It will be a place of Education.
Imagine a school with windows wide open to the world. It’s what we already are. The newest school in Botafogo, a neighborhood with a tradition of welcoming fine schools. Quite à propos. As educators, we prize tradition.
Now imagine a full-day K-12 school with teaching and learning in two languages — our Portuguese and English, the language that connects the world. A school that is both Brazilian and bilingual.

Can you imagine?

Then let’s let our imagination grow. Picture a school that combines tradition and innovation. That believes in the pleasure of study and knows that study also requires discipline. That embraces difference, respects individualities and promotes the collective effort. A school where dreams are made real. A school that, with these ideas in mind, offers made-to-measure teaching and learning.
The unit of measure, in this case, is academic excellence.
Strong teaching that incorporates new practices, new tools, new knowledge, that connects what the student studies to what he or she lives. Driven by the touchstones of Health and Education, Environment and Sustainable Development, Society and Culture.
We are Escola Eleva.
With the purpose of building the education that we believe in, we are already adapting and modernizing our centenary facilities in order to provide comfort and functionality to maximize school performance. With modern laboratories purpose-built for scientific research, versatile classrooms and inviting libraries.
After all, research and reading are just a few of our passions.

Note the following in your agenda: the 2017 school year will see a new concept in education take hold in Rio de Janeiro. Our promise is to educate students to be capable of making a difference with their own stories, individuals motivated to build a world with less economic inequality, a more balanced environment and greater social justice.

Eleva. The school of the global Brazilian citizen.